Attention: Internet Marketers And Small Business Owners

"The System I'm About To Share With You Today Has Been Proven To Increase The Amount Of Money You Keep And It Only Requires About An Hour A MONTH... You'll See Why It's So Fast In Just A Moment, But First..."

"Here's The Strange, And True Story Of How This System Came To Be, How It Works, And How You Can Put It To Work For YOU So That You Can Actually KEEP The Money You Make…"

Dear Internet Marketer,

My palms were sweaty.

My knees couldn’t stop shaking.

I had no idea what to expect, but I was prepared for the worst.

I had just gotten to my girlfriend’s house. I pulled up to the driveway, I practiced my speech over and over.

I knew exactly what I was going to say.

“Sir, I’d like to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage”

Time stood still. He eye-balled me for what seemed like an eternity (although, I’m sure it was only seconds).

“Chad” he said in that raspy voice of his… “I like you. I really do. But the truth is I’m just a bit concerned about your “job” situation” (he actually did do the “quotes” gesture with his hands… oh boy, this wasn’t going to end well…)

He continued:

“Now I know you love my daughter, and I also know you have a passion for those computer things you work on, but you really do need to get yourself a real job.”

And that’s when this crazy journey started…

 You see, I was self-employed at the time, but for my future father-in-law’s sake (and my own) I decided to take on a “real” job. Which, I didn’t mind at all because, truth be told, there was no way I could support a family on the income I was generating from the computer consulting business I was running.

 But it’s what happened next that really opened my eyes…

As I was shutting down the business, I got hit with a pretty big tax bill.

In today’s dollars, it was a $2,852.00 tax bill.

And while that may not seem  like a lot, at the time, it was a HUGE amount for me because I really needed all the money I could get my hands on. I mean, I was getting married in just 2 months!

That experience stayed with me for a very long time. In fact, it made me pretty gun-shy. I always wanted to be in business for myself but the thought of getting hit with expenses like that really made me nervous.

To top it off, I never fully understood the power of hiring a professional to advise, and assist you (I think that came from the fact that my dad NEVER trusted professionals).

But later on I realized that had I simply spent the few hundred dollars on a consultation with a CPA, I would have had a tax bill that was a whopping…


You read that right.  After many years of learning what Warren Buffett calls “the language of business” I thought back to that time and realized that I could have saved myself all that money.

And that’s when I decided on putting together this system I’m about to share with you today.

I sat down the other day and began calculating the time and money I’ve spent learning this stuff…

Well, the total bill came to right around $20,000 in high-level training workshops that deal with business, money, and (yikes!!) accounting… but don’t worry this is NOT an accounting class!!

I’ve also calculated that I’ve spent about 80 hours with my CPA.

My CPA charges $150.00 per hour… which comes to $12,000 (more or less)…

So in total, I’ve spent, in cold, hard cash, about $32,000 building this system!!

Now you may ask yourself…

Chad, why in the world did you spend a typical year’s salary on learning and developing this system?

Well here’s the deal.

I’m a Real Estate Investor (don’t worry, I’m not going to sell you a course on Investing!)

I have a total of 120 properties in my portfolio currently.

And do you know what that means?

  •  That means 120 mortgages…
  •  120 Property Tax Bills…
  •  120 Insurance policies…
  • 120 incoming payments in the form of rental income
  • 10 Partnerships
  • Reports to all the partners in a timely manner
  • Having to deliver the profits to the partners in a timely manner
  • Have the taxes done in time so that the partners can do their taxes

On top of that, I’m also an Internet Marketer who sells information products in a few niches. So I understand the issues, and complexities of selling products online, taking in affiliate money, and managing an online business.

Can you just stop for a moment and imagine, if you can, the complexity of my taxes, my accounting, and what it takes to appropriately run both my Real Estate business and my online business?

Can you begin to imagine the HUGE tax bills, and liabilities I would have if I conducted business the way I did back when I had that first business?

The simple fact of the matter is, I invested $32,000 to learn how to keep as much of my money as I could. Because without this system, there’s no way I could even be in business today.

And that’s exactly why I’ve invested so much time, money, and energy into developing this system…


It’s a system that only takes me a couple of hours A MONTH to manage.

A system that literally works on auto-pilot so that I don’t even have to THINK about whether or not I’m keeping every dime that is mine.

As a business owner, I know you work hard.

Really hard.

Most people don’t get that.

Especially in the Internet Marketing world.  Most people have this idea of the “Internet Lifestyle” and while some of it is true, the reality is that you’ve got to work really hard at it.

Now let me ask you.

You’re already working hard for your money…

Shouldn’t You Keep As Much Of It As Possible?

This system lets you do exactly that.

It’s called:

 Keep The Money You Make


The first thing you should know about this system is, it’s NOT an accounting class, but you will learn, in simple, easy-to-understand English the important aspects of accounting for your business.

Another thing you must know about this system is that you MUST have QuickBooks.


Aside from QuickBooks being the industry standard for small to mid-sized businesses, QuickBooks makes it SO easy to manage your business that you can do this in just…

One Hour Per MONTH!!

That’s it.

Just one measly hour per month.

But if you can do this in such little time, why do so many people struggle with this part of their business?

Because they don’t understand the SYSTEM.

You see, QuickBooks (like anything else) can be used one of two ways.

The WRONG way, or the RIGHT way…

And most people simply don’t understand how to use it.

Now, this is NOT a class on QuickBooks either! Sure you’ll need it, and you’ll come to understand it like you never have before, but this system is about keeping the money you make, setting it up so it takes about an hour a month to do, and making sure you know exactly what your business is doing.

So what’s included in this system?

There are 6 Modules to this system.

The first is called “The Language Of Business”

Chances are you’ve seen it already, but in case you haven’t, it deals with some of the biggest issues, misconceptions, and flat out WRONG information most people have regarding their business.

For example, did you know that the absolute WORST report to look at to see the health of your business is the Profit And Loss Statement? It’s true, yet most people rely on this report and therefore make the wrong decisions time after time…

The next module I take you through is the QuickBooks set up.

I literally take you by the hand, and show you step-by-step in live video how to correctly and quickly setup your Quickbooks installation.

The system sets it up for efficiency in both time and money.

The next set of videos deals with the things you have to do on a daily and monthly basis. It’s called Daily/Monthly Operations.

Now don’t let the name fool you.

Just because it says “daily” does NOT mean you have to be chained to your chair every day. In fact, when you go through these modules you’ll see the shortcuts I use to:

  • Enter Credit Card Batches
  • Perform Returns and Chargebacks
  • Entering PayPal transactions
  • Entering Affiliate Income
  • And so much more… You see, there’s a method and a system where this pretty much handles itself.

The fact is, most people don’t do this the right way and therefore put it off, procrastinate, and then they have to hurry up and play catch up after the fact… All because they don’t have a system in place!

The next module in the series will get into what I call Special Situations.

Things like:

  • How to handle large purchases (purchases of assets)
  • What to do when closing a checking account (changing memorized transactions and inactivating unused accounts)
  • Correcting errors during reconciliation
  • Taking out a loan, entering it on the books as well as memorizing a loan payment
  • Handling off-line sales and payments
  • PayPal:  Currency Transfers, Returns and Chargebacks, Transferring money to your bank
  • Reconciling combined batch deposits
  • Trial deposit entries
  • Naming capital accounts

I’m also going to share with you Tips And Tricks so you can:

  • Quickly manipulate dates and data
  • Keyboard tricks and shortcuts for faster entry
  • Merging duplicate accounts
  • And so much more…

Finally, in the last module, a Bonus module really, I get into some very advanced Entity Structuring

As you can probably imagine, as a Real Estate Investor with 120 properties, I’ve become an expert at proper and profitable business entity structuring.

Without the right entity structuring, you are leaving TONS of money on the table, exposing yourself to huge liabilities, and taking on way too much risk.

And this is true even with an online business.

Do NOT kid yourself and think “oh I’m small potatoes what do I need this for”… Remember my story from before?

I lost a TON of money because I didn’t structure my very, very small business the right way.

Here’s A Stunning Admission…

So you’ve read this far and that tells me you understand the importance of keeping as much of the money you make.

And I’ll be the first to admit this is NOT your typical “sexy” subject.

Thankfully it’s not just “Accounting”, which would bore me to pieces, but… it’s not a “push this button and make a gazillion dollars” either.

See a lot of folks in this IM world totally and utterly FAIL not because they didn’t market correctly, not because they didn’t know how to sell online.

You see, you can be great at marketing, but completely SUCK at business.

This system is about BUSINESS

You won’t learn how to write sales-pulling copy. You won’t learn how to create a sales funnel that pulls in cash 24/7. You won’t even learn the latest and greatest tricks of the trade to pulling higher and higher conversions.

So if that’s what you’re looking for, I can’t help you.

There are a lot of really awesome courses out there that show you how to do that.

In fact, chances are you were referred here by someone that really knows their stuff in those areas. If I were you I’d learn all I can from them.

But when it comes to business. When it comes to the language of money. When it comes to keeping the money you make, I am the person you want to listen to.

I know that sounds like I’m showing off. But I’m not.

I’ve had to learn and develop this system out of sheer necessity.

As you saw, I’ve spent over $32,000 in cash developing it. I’ve banged my head against the wall, spent YEARS of my life putting this all together.

I’ve grown my Real Estate business into a multimillion dollar business because of this system.

I’ve grown my online business from a couple hundred bucks a month to months where I’m bringing in $10,000 to $20,000 dollars!! Sure that’s not a lot when you compare it to my real estate business or to other internet marketers, but…

 …pretty much ALL of my online income is PLAY and SPENDING money.

My Real Estate business handles my bills, and my family’s main income but my auto-pilot online income is literally all for me to use and spend however I want.

I could NEVER have done that without this system I’m sharing with you today.

So, no…

It’s not the “sexy” make a gazillion dollars online, but it’s the VERY sexy: Keep The Money You Make because you already work hard to make it!

It’s the sexy “set up this system and watch it work for you”.

It’s the oh-so sexy “I could work on my business instead of in my business” that then allows you to have extra “play” money every single month.

Oh and let’s not forget the really exciting part:

You don’t have to do ANY of this stuff if you don’t want!

I’ve literally created this system so that it’s plug and play ready.

You can take it, hand it off to a $10-$12/hour bookkeeper and they can literally do it all for you! This is especially important if you already have a bookkeeper doing your work because you’ll know they will be doing it right!

And since the system is set up to do it in 1 to 2 hours per MONTH… even hiring out a non-professional admin type person, you’d only spend, at the maximum, $25 bucks a month to do ALL of your bookkeeping work!

I’m sure you’d agree that spending $25 bucks for a month’s worth of bookkeeping is probably the best money you can spend!

So how much does this system cost?

Well, before I get into that, let me show you some comparisons:

Let’s look at A Bookkeeper.  He or she:

  • Doesn’t know your business
  • Guesses at how to categorize your expenses.
  • There’s no way to calculate how much a bookkeeper or even CPA costs you by “guessing” and I’m sure you’d agree, you don’t want to run your business where every time the CPA or the bookkeeper comes in, you have NO idea what you’re going to spend!

Compare that to this system which allows me to:

  • Pay a non-professional person (just an admin) $12/hour or less to do my bookkeeping (Rather than $50/hour bookkeeper or $150/hour to CPA to do the same work, with less accuracy)
  • I only pay them for as little as one hour per month
  • Even if it took double that, you’re still under $25 per month
  • Without this system, they would take way more than 2 hours/month. How do I know this? For two reasons. #1. Because they can, and there’s no incentive to be quick, and #2. because they’re trying to figure out what’s going on and unravel the mess, some of which happened a long time ago…
  • Let me share this quick story to show you how powerful this system is: In 2002, my first year in the real estate business, I knew very little about the accounting I needed to run my business.  My tax preparation bill that year for one partnership with only a few houses cost me $2,000.  I couldn’t afford to continue that.  It was only going to get worse because I was buying lots of houses.  So I worked hard at simplifying the whole process, so either I could do the work quickly or I could pay someone cheap (a non-professional) to do it for me.  The result is that my tax prep bills have gone down to around $600 per partnership because I’m providing complete books to the CPA
  • Right now, my tax prep bills across all my companies total $10,000 each year.  But those bills would easily total $30,000 and MORE if I left it up to my CPA to figure out what was going on. So I spend $1,200/year to save $20,000 because I have simple and powerful systems in place. Would you spend $1,200 to get back $20,000?
  • Now my CPA can spend more time on planning and strategies to save taxes.  And I can afford to pay him to do that work because he’s not messing around with the minutia.

All that sounds great, but do you want to know if this is right for you?

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

What would it be worth to you to know the financial status of your business?  What if you had the information that would allow you to make smart decisions to improve your business?

Everyone knows that one smart decision you make based on solid and ACCURATE information can easily add hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per month to your bottom line.

It’s that simple.

But also, ask yourself this:

Do you want to, at some point, sell or even franchise your business?

If you don’t have control of your finances, if you don’t know what’s going on, no one will want to own your business.  You’re stuck.  You’re the only one that can drive the business.  But good accounting books, readily produced, will make a buyer smile and will increase the value of your company.

And even if you don’t plan on selling or franchising, you do want to make your company more valuable, right?

Of course! Who wouldn’t!

With that said, here’s what you’ll invest today:

Obviously you won’t be investing the $32,000 I had to invest to learn this stuff.

You won’t need to hire a $50-$150/hour professional to set it up for you (when in the end they will almost always set it up wrong! Unless you go for the high-end professionals and they will cost you a lot more!)

For the entire Keep The Money You Make System, the total investment is just:

One payment of $297.00

Now, it’s not “cheap”, but as you can see, it’s very fair.

In fact, it’s an even bigger bargain when you consider you’ve got a money-back guarantee. Your CPA or Bookkeeper will NOT give you your money back if you’re not happy, but I will.

Go through all the material.

Download all the forms, the manuals, the videos, the audios, download it ALL.

Take it for a spin.

Implement it in your business, or give it to your CPA or accountant or bookkeeper.

If you have an advisor, let them check it out too.

If you don’t feel this is the absolute BEST VALUE you’ve gotten, if you cannot immediately see how this is going to let you keep THOUSANDS of YOUR hard-earned dollars, I want you to send me an email and ask for a refund. The only limitation I have is that you have to do it within 90 days.

Why 90 days?

Because that gives you an entire quarter to decide. It lets you take it for a spin and really see if it’s right for you.

Is it possible that some might download all the material, use it to make thousands of dollars and still ask for their money back? Sure, it’s possible. But I know that 99.99% of the people that will invest in this system are business owners that understand the immense value you’re getting and therefore wouldn’t even think about doing that.

So go ahead and click on the orange “Add To Cart” button below to get the Keep The Money You Make System. After you order, you will immediately get access to the Member’s area where you can begin immediately.

Go ahead and do it now because the longer you wait, the more money you’re leaving on the table. And I mean that very seriously.

You see, I’m not going to insult your intelligence with “there’s a limited number available” or “I’m taking down this web page soon”… I mean come on, we both know that’s not true.

Now any copywriter or marketer worth anything would tell me “Hey Chad you need some scarcity here…”

Well, what more scarcity than the fact that you are, right at this very moment, LOSING money?

That’s not a scare tactic. That’s a fact. Every day that goes by, every week, every month, quarter, year that passes you by you are losing money.

Money to the professionals you hire, money to the state you live in, money to the Federal Government… you are literally losing money and you don’t even know it.

And that’s why you need to invest today.

Not because it’s an “impulse” buy.

Not because there’s only a “few left”.

But because you understand the power of business. You understand that working hard for your money is only half the equation.

The other half is KEEPING it.

So go ahead and click the Add To Cart button below to get this going right now.



Chad Barker

P.S. I know “video sales letters” are all the rage, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the crucial information I just shared with you is so vital, you’ve got to read, and re-read it…

P.S. #2 Don’t put this off. You’ve worked very hard to build what you have, and you have the right to keep it. I showed you some examples above of how you’re losing money every single day in your business. Stop the bleeding and get it now.

P.S. #3 Remember, you’ve got a full 90-day money-back guarantee. For any reason, or really no reason at all, you can simply return everything…